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How do I book Lush for an event?

Booking Lush for an event is as easy as reaching out to us directly or contacting any well known Entertainment Booking Agent.  Contact us. You can choose to call by phone or send us a message. Sometimes we are booked in a regional location and don’t always have email access, however you are welcome to leave a message by phone. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Does Lush have any sample music?

Yes, we’ve put together a few samples from different genres, you can listen to lush the band sample music here

What about preparation for the band, do we need to provide anything?

No you don’t need to provide anything, unless you want us to perform on a raised stage, larger venues may have a stage in place. Smaller venues may have a stage but you might need to ask your venue management to set it up in advance for you. please keep in mind that the Lush band is a 5 piece with a lot of equipment to fit on the stage. It’s best to check with your venue in the case they only have very small stage, in which case you are able to ask them to remove the stage. Other than that we are happy to perform on a stage, and usually do in medium to larger sized venues. It isn’t uncommon for smaller venues make use of half of a dance floor for live entertainment to perform. We hare happy to guide and advise you if you are unsure. Reach out to us for a chat

How do we know if the sound will be ok in our venue?

Here’s a simple little test you can do to help you better understand how good, bad or indifferent the acoustics in your venue really are. But the good news is, you don’t need to worry about a thing, we do all the mixing and sound balancing to ensure the sound is the best it can be relating to acoustics in your venue. We’ll ensure the sound is balanced well and you have a great sounding night!

Can we take photos of the band at our event?

Precious Memories and photos!

Yes of course, you and your guests are welcome to take photos. It’s a great idea to take photos of your special event or occasion.

If you have any photos of the Band or Duo, that you particularly like, feel free to send a couple to us, we love having a variety of photos to share on our website. If you would like to share your event photos, we’d be happy to publish a couple for others to see. Contact us to let us know you are sending some, we’ll respond to you by email then you’ll have our email address and be able to attach your photos when you reply. This way we’ll also know who you are and what and where the event was.

What's included when we book Lush for our event?

Booking Lush The Band Inclusions

You can see at a glance everything that is included when you book Lush the Full Band

Booking Lush The Duo Inclusions

You can see at a glance everything that is included when you book Lush the Duo