whipped-creamSecrets to a lush mane of hair

Lead Singer Sam, gets asked a lot about her secrets to a lush mane of hair

I asked her recently what she uses? she said she used Sabastian whipped creme!

Sam uses it because it apparently does what they say it does. The company describe it like this in their description; Whipped Creme is a luxurious nourishing styler to define bouncing curls and soft waves. Whips up sensual curvaceous shapes, while conditioning and protecting your hair for a silky soft and gloss, shiny finish, without leaving hair dry or crunchy.

mac-oilSam also uses, Macadamia nourishing moisture oil on the tips.

bio-matrixThe company describe it like this in their description; Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment, infused with the macadamia and argan PRO OIL COMPLEX blend, is a non-greasy, hydrating oil that instantly absorbs into the hair. It provides moisture, increases softness, and gives a luminous shine.

Sam said; Regular cuts and good shampoos are a must. she likes to keep her main in good condition, and easy to manage when performing.

I must admit Sam’s hair always looks great every time I see her!


Sam uses, Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner. she says she likes it because it is a Paraben-free formula.
The company describe it like this in their description; Gently cleanses to prevent unnecessary stripping of color. These state of the art formulas, inspired by nature, help protect hair, balance moisture and even out the hair’s surface for saturated, shiny, vibrant color that stays truer.