There’s a whole lot more to good quality sound than meets the eye

What are Acoustics?

Understanding Acoustics in your Venue What’s the best thing to do?

Here’s a simple little test you can do to help you better understand Acoustics in your Venue and how good, bad or indifferent the acoustics in your venue really are or might become. Acoustics also vary once a room or large area is filled with furnishings, people and other factors that also affect a good overall balance of sound.

 Acoustics in your Venue

Walk around the room, clap your hands as loud as you can from every spot, and listen closely to the reverberations produced.

In the worst case you’ll hear a harsh tinny ringing sound, which typically occurs in smaller square cube shaped rooms.

In the best case you’ll hear smoother more pleasant reverberations being produced, which typically occurs in larger area rooms with high ceilings and a variety of diffusive surfaces.
Typically the sound you’ll hear will be somewhere in-between.

The Good News is:

In your case having booked Lush for your live entertainment, you won’t need to worry about Acoustic sounds at all because as part of our set up process we balance the the sound output with our Acoustic equipped, therefore you don’t need to worry about hiring any additional sound mixing equipment to achieve balanced quality Acoustics in your Venue because we do it all for you Free!

Acoustics in your Venue